Yule Wand
Yule Wand
Yule Wand

Yule Wand

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Our seasonal Yule wands are back! 

Our wands are hand-crafted with love in small batches and set with positive intentions. Our bundles are wrapped with 100% organic hemp.

Yule wand ingredients include:

- White Sage: Protection, clearing negative energy, purification, calmness

- Incense Cedar: Purification, clears out negative energies and brings forth positivity

- Rosemary: purification & protection 

How to use?
Burn: Start at the very back corner of your space. Light the open end of the wand (side opposite of the hemp bow) and let the smoke fill the corner. Recite white blessings or a prayer to dispel any negative energy as you move from corner to corner.

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