White + Citrine Spirit Quartz Crystal

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This gorgeous White + Citrine Spirit Quartz is one of our favorite healing crystals from Africa.

White: Otherwise known as fairy spirit quartz, this protective crystal is a helpful tool for clearing and cleansing blocks within the mental and physical body, amplifying healing, revitalizing energy levels, and aids in the overall development of your spirituality. White spirit quartz has a soothing energy that assists in healing emotional pain.

Citrine: Activates the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras and provides purified intentions, increased self-worth and empowerment, while giving access to true abundance and amplifying cheerfulness.

Spirit quartz is known for radiating high-vibrational energy in all directions and is a stone of harmony and alignment. Crystal energies of the main stone are amplified within the many tiny points, each reflecting radiance and light between one another, creating higher vibrations of healing energy.


- Weighs 0.95 oz

- 1.9 inches long, 1.0 inches wide, 1.0 tall

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