Palo Santo Burner

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Our pretty little Palo Santo burners are the perfect tools for cleansing your space or for using in New and Full moon rituals.

Each burner is wrapped in 100% organic hemp and adorned with a clear quartz crystal, rose, lavender, and fresh rosemary for some extra magick.


- Clear Quartz Crystal aka "Master Healer': Deep soul cleanser, balance, harmony, calmness, increased psychic abilities, and useful when working with white light

- Rosemary: Healing, protection, purification, love, strength, stress relief, mental clarity

- Lavender: Relaxation, protection, happiness, purification, sleep, psychic knowledge, dreamy vibes

- Roses: Meditation, divination, attracting love (ooh la la!), peace, and inner beauty
& extra florals

Happy Cleansing!

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