Mini "Love Stoned” Crystal Set

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Attract romance, heal past heartbreaks, encourage self-love, and support your existing relationships with our "Love Spell" crystal bundle. This collection is made up of our favorite heart-centered crystals.

What's in the pouch?


"Love And Accept Yourself". Jade is one of our favorite stones for soothing the soul and promoting a balanced love life, especially in the romantic and self-love senses. It protects and supports your heart for new love and helps to bring harmony and balance into your life. Attracts love, romance, and harmonious relationships.


Rhodonite is an exceptionally healing stone of the heart chakra. It helps to clear out negative blockages that may have occurred after a bad breakup or periods of emotional distress and fills the soul with the love it needs in order to heal. It encourages forgiveness and helps to release anger and self-destructive tendencies so you can start a new love with a fresh, open perspective.


Malachite helps to stimulate and balance the heart chakra through it's purifying healing energy. Protects your heart from negative energies around you and opens your heart to harmonious loving relationships.

Rose Quartz

A crystal of unconditional love. It helps to heal the heart and is effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with those you already love. Rose quartz carries a high spiritual connection to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine

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