Energy Mist: Yule
Energy Mist: Yule
Energy Mist: Yule

Energy Mist: Yule

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Our special holiday edition is here with a woodsy vibe, just in time for Yule! Our Yule Energy Mist was crafted to celebrate and honor the sacred Winter Solstice and Pagan traditions of Yule. We use this mist to enhance our Yule festivities so that we celebrate our gratitude for the blessings of Nature's cycles and the rebirth of the Sun. 

The intent behind this winter-focused mist is gratitude. While using this mist, we suggest writing down or focusing on everything you have been grateful for over the past year. Spray this mis to remind you of all the blessings you have received from the universe and hard work. Though the year may not have been perfect, you have overcome and grown into a higher, more true version of yourself and that is something to celebrate.

What makes our mist so special?

We make all of our mists with distilled New Moon crystal charged water, that we craft ourselves every month with only the most positive of intentions.

This high vibe water is mixed with:

- Pure Witch Hazel: this acts as a preservative for a longer shelf-life

- Cedarwood: Cedarwood has been a healing favorite for thousands of years because of its power to aid meditation and grounding properties. Cedarwood helps to banish negativity and attract positive energies. This is particularly helpful in the realm of gratitude because we are able to release our hold on the stressful events that transpired in order to truly feel grateful for all those little things that went right.

- Pine: Pine has been used for centuries in ancient medicine, witchcraft, and pagan practice. It’s divine properties make it a powerful ingredient for releasing feelings of resentment and negativity, making room for gratitude and a more positive outlook on the future. It is an overall uplifting and sacred scent with the power to help you raise your energetic vibration.

-Balsam Fir: A grounding, winter-harvested oil, Balsam fir has the balancing power to calm while stimulating the mind in a more positive direction. It has that quintessential holiday scent to remind us of the true meaning of Yule and brings us back to our roots with the celebration of nature.

- Clove: Clove is an essential, comforting element to this blend. It has been toted as a tool for spiritual awakening and that’s exactly what it is! Within this blend, clove symbolizes the rebirth of the sun, making way for new beginnings.

- Bergamot: Bergamot is a lighthearted uplifting citrus scent which acts as the cherry on top of this blend. When combined with the heavy grounding nature of our rooted tree ingredients, bergamot has the power to further transcend the user to a higher vibrational field with a feeling of “I can do this”.

Each mist has a quartz crystal inside for extra magick.

Available in 2oz or 4oz

Bundle and save with our collection of Yule Apothecary Sets! 

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