Hi there! If you're looking at this page, it's likely you shopped small (YAY!) and are excitedly waiting on your package to arrive! To save us a little bit of stress with back and forth emails during the holiday season, we wanted to give you a quick FAQ guide to help answer any questions or concerns you may have! 

"I got a tracking number, but it only says a label has been created"

If you've received a tracking number, good news! Your package is on the way. It's becoming increasingly common this holiday season for USPS to not scan in packages or even scan them on their way to their destination. We've seen many packages with zero tracking information suddenly pop up in the system on delivery day. Please give it more time to show up in the system. If it has been more than 30 business days, please email us and we will do our best to assist and send you a replacement. 

"My package says it's delayed. Can you help?"

Unfortunately, small business do not have a special hotline to contact or any way of speeding up the delivery process. If your package is delayed in transit, please be patient. Our postal workers are extremely overwhelmed and overworked right now. 

Postal delays, as a result of the current pandemic, are out of our control. Many areas of the country are seeing delays up to 3 weeks. Please be patient and know that it's on the way! 

"My package says 'delivered' but I never got it"

This has been happening very frequently lately but the good news is that most packages show up within a few days after it was marked "delivered"! Many mail carriers are marking packages delivered early either by accident or in order to clock out for the day. Please allow your package at least 4 business days to show up and contact your local mail carrier before emailing us. 9 out of 10 times they'll be able to help you track down your package whereas we have zero information to help. We will, however, assist you in filing a claim with USPS!  

What To Do If Your Gift Arrives Later Than Christmas? 

1. Print a photo of your gift and wrap that image up so the recipient still has something to open! Once the gift is open, proudly share how you shopped small this year and have helped your favorite small business survive and thrive in 2020 and let them know the physical gift will arrive soon. 

2. Please don't take your frustration out on small business owners. We are doing our absolute best and care just as much as you do where your package is. 

3. Feel good about yourself knowing that you personally helped small businesses survive and thrive amid a global pandemic! You made our dreams possible. We love and appreciate you! 

"Why did my apparel item take so long?"

Unpredictable delays aren't only happening when we send out packages to you, but also when we're waiting on our supplies! Our apparel pieces are all proudly made-in-the USA and, as a result of the pandemic, our Los Angeles-based garment company is operating under reduced staff and is feeling the effects of the new December current statewide lockdown. This was an unprecedented situation that we had to roll with and be patient with on our end. We hope you know that this is NOT the norm and we are patiently waiting for our supply chain to return back to normal.