Balsam Fir Winter Altar Candles
Balsam Fir Winter Altar Candles

Balsam Fir Winter Altar Candles

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Light the way for a festive and prosperous Yule season with our Balsam Fir Winter Altar Candles! Each candle is filled with the comforting holiday scents of balsam and cedar, making this a perfect winter candle to burn on your altar or anywhere in your home that could use some extra holiday cheer.  

Our Balsam Fir Winter Altar Candles are topped with dried juniper berries, sprigs of cedar, rose petals, biodegradable glitter, and clear quartz crystals. Candles are wrapped in birch bark adding a traditional element of nature to your holiday season.

Juniper is a wonderful woodsy herb which is known as a protector and purifier of stagnant energies. It helps to bring clarity and refresh the mind of anything no longer serving your highest self.

Cedar is also a beautiful protection element, which can also aid in stimulating psychic powers and intuition.

Roses are a symbol of love, compassion, and confidence, making this the perfect topper to our winter altar candles as we celebrate death and rebirth during the Winter Solstice.

We recommend burning this candle during your Full & New Moon rituals this winter season, focusing on the death of what is no longer serving you, and a rebirth into the life you are manifesting. It may also be burned “just because”! You may simply invite the blessings of Yule into your home by lighting the way. There are no rules with how you choose to enjoy your winter season at home. Yule blessings to you and yours. 

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