Energy Mist: Spellbound
Energy Mist: Spellbound

Energy Mist: Spellbound

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It’s a total mood booster & energy refresher, made with... 🌬✨

• Ylang Ylang: Mood enhancer & libido booster

• Bergamot: Anxiety Reducer

• Patchouli: Promotes feelings of relaxation & eases stress

• Sandalwood: Promotes feelings of calm & helps with a restful night’s sleep

What makes our mists so special?

We make all of our mists with distilled New Moon crystal charged water, that we craft ourselves every month with only the most positive of intentions. This high vibe mist is mixed with pure witch hazel and bergamot, ylang ylang, patchouli, and sandalwood. Each mist has a quartz crystal inside for extra magick.


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