Samhain Witch Bells

Samhain Witch Bells

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Time to get a little creepy! Samhain Witch Bells are here! Each set of bells is infused with high-vibe intentions and braided with the traditional colors and symbols of Samhain & Halloween! Charms include traditional Samhain accents, including a broomstick, witch hat, jack-o-lantern, pentacle, baby witch, and starry moon.

Bells have been used in rituals and magical practices for centuries. These Witch Bells may be used to banish evil spirits and negative energies as well as summoning your ancestors and whichever nature spirits you choose to welcome into your home. 

Hang bells on your doorknob for protection and jingle them around your altar space for easy cleansing. You may also ring the bells to seal your spell-work. 

Entire Piece: roughly 18 inches

Standard Size: 19 Bells

*each set of bells is handmade and might differ slightly from the above image*


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