Mystery Crystal Set
Mystery Crystal Set
Mystery Crystal Set

Mystery Crystal Set

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Introducing our Mystery Crystal Set! This mystery set includes 7 crystals packaged in a red heart with pink gauzy ribbon, making this a perfect gift for your favorite people.  Each stone intuitively chosen and is cleansed with palo santo before they head out to you.

If you have any specific requests or would like to share some goals you have in the notes of your order, we can better choose a customized set just for you! 

↓ What's might be in the set? 

Onyx: A powerful protection stone. Absorbs and transforms negative energy. Aids in emotional and physical strength, especially during times of stress. 

Raw Rose Quartz: A crystal of unconditional love. It helps to heal the heart and is effective in attracting new love, romance and intimacy, or in developing a closer bond with those you already love. Rose quartz carries a high spiritual connection to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine

Tigers Eye: Tigers eye is a protective stone of prosperity and good fortune. It reflects back any ill will, jealousy, or threats from others. 

Selenite: Protects against psychic attacks and negativity while quieting your mind and bringing forward mental clarity. Aids in spiritual enlightenment, angel guidance, and working with spirit guides.

Peacock Ore: The ultimate balancing stone. Activates and aligns all chakras and energies. 

AmazoniteOtherwise known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth and Hope, Amazonite provides the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings and to set boundaries beyond the fear of judgement or confrontation. It soothes the chakras and enhances loving communication. Amazonite brings order to the chaos and teaches us to love the truth of our inner selves.

Black Tourmaline: A shamanic stone of purification and protection. Provides protection against negative energies. 

Smoky Quartz: A stone of power & protection. Smoky quartz protects from negativity and psychic attacks by absorbing their vibrations and rooting them back into the earth. Relieves painful emotions & wards off danger. Take with you while you travel alone or during a potentially negative confrontation.

Jade: Lady luck! Jade is one of the most widely recognized stones for prosperity, wisdom, and overall harmony. It is a great stone to carry around every day to attract luck and release any blockages that may be hindering the flow of abundance. Soothes the soul and promotes healthy relationships. 

Desert Rose: An excellent meditation stone and strong actvator of the third eye. Strengthens natural intuition and raises your vibrations. 

Rhodonite: Rhodonite is an exceptionally healing stone of the heart chakra. It helps to clear out negative blockages that may have occurred after a bad breakup or periods of emotional distress and fills the soul with the love it needs in order to heal. It encourages forgiveness and helps to release anger and self-destructive tendencies so you can start a new love with a fresh, open perspective.

Blue Calcite: A soothing stone geared toward clearing negative emotions and increasing feelings of positivity and optimism. It aids in soothing an overactive mind for a more restful sleep.

Aventurine: A comforting stone of prosperity which is known to attract luck, abundance, and success. Aventurine will help to facilitate personal growth while helping you remain positive and open to change. 

Clear Quartz: Master Healer- A powerful & versatile healing crystal which amplifies energy and intention. 

Citrine: Citrine is one of our favorite stones for powerful & focused manifestation of prosperity. It opens the third eye and encourages self-confidence and hope while soothing anxiety. A good stone to bring to important meetings, stressful situations, or just for an every day pick-me-up.

Hematite: A grounding and balancing stone, hematite helps to center and calm your overall vibe with it’s intense yet subtle vibrations. It absorbs toxic emotions, negative feelings, stress, and anxiety by anchoring us to the earth and providing stability. This stone is best used on your bare skin- you’ll feel it’s effects much more if you’re holding it or relaxing with it resting on your skin.

Malachite: Malachite helps to stimulate and balance the heart chakra through it's purifying healing energy. Protects your heart from negative energies around you and opens your heart to harmonious loving relationships.

Tumbled Pyrite: A symbol of money and good luck. Pyrite helps release any fears or doubts that are blocking you from achieving success and attracting abundance. Increases motivation and strength to follow through with the right career and investment decisions. 

Tumbled Kyanite: Kyanite is one of our favorites, for the simple fact that it does into retain any negative energy and never needs to be energetically cleansed. It helps to gently align and balance all chakras and removes energy blockages. A very friendly and peaceful stone.

Howlite: Howlite is most known for it's ability to help soothe an overactive mind for a more restful sleep and positive mindset. Works great for those with insomnia or those with social anxiety. 

Red Jasper: A stone of empowerment and strength, red jasper helps you to resist emotional domination by others and brings forward the confidence you need to say no to activities that no longer serve you and to reclaim your confidence and emotional stability.  

Blue Chalcedony: Promotes feelings of light-heartedness and optimism while helping your ability to communicate more effectively. A stone of peace and well-being.

Amethyst: The "All Healer". Encourages inner strength and peace. Protects against psychic attacks. Brings clarity to the mind and helps curb emotional and physical addictions.

Sunstone: Attracts prosperity, personal power, and increases the nurturing of self-love. Sunstone can help attract opportunities and promotions in business ventures. This is a good stone to keep at the office or by your work tools.

Rainbow Moonstone: Rainbow Moonstone is believed to help strengthen intuition and psychic perception, offering visions during moon magic work and rituals. It has a beautiful lunar energy and is laced with iridescent rainbows. It also deflects negativity and balances emotions. 

Crazy Lace Agate: Crazy lace agate, also known as The Laughter Stone, is a light and soothing stone of happiness! This is a great overall healing stone and has a powerful vibrational energy which helps protect against negative energy while enhancing positivity and optimism. 

Moss Agate: Moss Agate is a stone of emotional harmony and new beginnings. It helps to balance emotions, release fear, reduce stress while encouraging hope, self confidence, and abundance. It also helps you connect with the earth and nature.

African Turquoise: African Turquoise is considered the stone of evolution. It brings about the change and transformation that you desire to create the life you've been manifesting. It brings forth the strength and confidence to accept this change with ease and grace.

Green Goldstone: Green goldstone is highly regarded as a beautiful, protective element connected to the heart chakra. Work with green goldstone to help release emotional blockages and habits that are no longer serving you so you can become as close as possible to your highest self. That being said, green goldstone is also a stone of abundance. 

Blue Goldstone: Blue goldstone has a positive energy to it, which aids in uplifting your confidence and courage. It increases drive and passion and is a beautiful stone of ambition. This stone is ideal for entrepreneurs or those seeking a promotion or career upgrade. 

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