Treat Yo-Self, Valentine
Treat Yo-Self, Valentine
Treat Yo-Self, Valentine
Treat Yo-Self, Valentine
Treat Yo-Self, Valentine
Treat Yo-Self, Valentine

Treat Yo-Self, Valentine

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What's in the kit? ($92 Value!)

- Love Candle 

These powerful Love-centered candles are made with a harmonious blend of ingredients that cater to both self-love & romantic-love rituals and intention setting. 

Use this candle to fall even more in love with yourself or to help attract the type of love, physical passion, & romance you deserve. 

 Made with good vibes & dressed with lavender, ginger, lemon, rose, and violet essential oils, as well as a magical blend of herbs that help to promote love and happiness. Each candle is topped with rose quartz, turquoise, and smokey quartz. 100% all-natural and sustainable soy wax. 

- "Magic" Love Wand

Our Love Wands are made with ingredients soaked in New Moon + Rose-Quartz charged water and are wrapped with a raw rose quartz crystal.

- Malachite, Jade, and Hematite

Malachite helps to stimulate and balance the heart chakra through it's purifying healing energy. Protects your heart from negative energies around you and opens your heart to harmonious loving relationships.

Jade is one of our favorite stones for soothing the soul and promoting a balanced love life, especially in the romantic and self-love senses. It protects and supports your heart for new love and helps to bring harmony and balance into your life. Attracts love, romance, and harmonious relationships.

A grounding and balancing stone, hematite helps to center and calm your overall vibe with it’s intense yet subtle vibrations. It absorbs toxic emotions, negative feelings, stress, and anxiety by anchoring us to the earth and providing stability. This stone is best used on your bare skin- you’ll feel it’s effects much more if you’re holding it or relaxing with it resting on your skin.


Energy Mist: Chill TF Out

We make all of our mists with distilled New Moon crystal charged water, that we craft ourselves every month with only the most positive of intentions. This high vibe water is mixed with pure witch hazel and lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood essential oils. Each mist has a quartz crystal inside for extra magick.

- Customizable Stamped Cuff by Laced X Lavish

If no customization is requested, bracelet will be stamped with "Crystal Coven"

Email with your customization request and order number  

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