"Love" Wand
"Love" Wand

"Love" Wand

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Love is one of the most essential necessities for living a true life of happiness and fulfillment. Whether it be romantic love, self-love, or the love of your family and friends, our wands a beautiful way to cleanse your space and soul of anything that is preventing your heart from attracting the type of love you desire. Burn this wand in your weekly or monthly ritual with love-focused intentions and visualize your heart surrounded by warm light and opening up to a more confident and lighter reality.

Our Love Wands are made with ingredients cLeander in New Moon + Rose-Quartz charged water and are wrapped with a raw rose quartz crystal.

Each wand is crafted with love, set with positive intentions, and made with locally grown ingredients. All sage is locally grown (NOT wild) and hand-picked only after a wand has sold.

A majority of the proceeds from each wand purchased is donated to the Native American Heritage Association. 

Our bundles are wrapped in cotton thread.

Its ingredients include:

- Rose Quartz Crystal: The crystal of unconditional love. It radiates a soft feminine energy of healing, compassion, tenderness, and aids in the attraction of love.
- White Sage: Protection, clearing negative energy, purification, calmness

- Lavender: Relaxation, protection, happiness, purification, sleep, psychic knowledge, dreamy vibes

- Roses: Meditation, divination, attracting love, peace, and inner beauty

-Rosemary: Healing, protection, purification, love, strength, stress relief, mental clarity

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