Goddess Cleansing Kit

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Burn baby, burn! Time to get our cleanse on.

Each kit comes with a custom Twig and Stone ritual wand made of white sage, rosemary, florals, and lavender. All sage is locally grown (NOT wild) and hand-picked only after a wand has sold. Our bundles are wrapped in cotton thread.

A majority of the proceeds from each wand purchased is donated to the Native American Heritage Association. 

The items in every kit are unique and will slightly differ from the image in this listing.

☾ Goddess Kit Includes:
* Full-sized wand
* Custom Palo Santo with clear quartz
* Abalone shell
* Small crystal of your choice: Citrine, blue chalcedony, kyanite, lemurian, or peacock ore
* Specialty crystal of your choice: Selenite, rose quartz, black tourmaline, amethyst cluster, pyrite

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