"Alpha Female: Inner Badass" Wand
"Alpha Female: Inner Badass" Wand

"Alpha Female: Inner Badass" Wand

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Introducing Alpha Female: Inner Badass Wand, aka our most favorite creation in our Special Edition series. This wand oozes feminine strength, power, and inner-confidence.

Use this wand to dive into your own magic and bring out the most fierce and strong version of yourself through your intentions. Burn it in your weekly or monthly ritual with intentions focused on your inner-strength and female power. Visualize your soul in its most fierce and strong form, surrounded by warm light and magic as you dominate anything holding you back or making you feel less than powerful.

Our Alpha Female: Inner Badass Wands are made with ingredients soaked in New Moon + Onyx + Spirit Quartz + Tigers Eye + Clear Quartz + Amethyst crystal-charged water and are wrapped with a tumbled Onyx stone.

Each wand is crafted with love, set with positive intentions, and made with locally grown ingredients. All sage is locally grown (NOT wild) and hand-picked only after a wand has sold. Our bundles are wrapped in cotton thread.

A majority of the proceeds from each wand purchased is donated to the Native American Heritage Association. 

Its ingredients include:

- Onyx: Onyx is a stone of protection and a defense against negativity from those around you who may not have the best intentions. It aids in strengthening your confidence, easing tensions/anxiety, and increasing your stamina and inner-strength so you can feel free to be fierce.

- White Sage: Protection, clearing negative energy, purification, calmness

- Lavender: Relaxation, protection, happiness, purification, sleep, psychic knowledge, dreamy vibes

- Roses: Meditation, divination, attracting love, peace, and inner beauty

-Rosemary: Healing, protection, purification, love, strength, stress relief, mental clarity

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